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About Pit Bull Computers


We have 2 platforms of service that we specialize in:

1. Recycling of computer systems and parts that cannot be refurbished

Pit Bull Computers partners with local, national, and global businesses in the responsible reuse and recycling of end-of-life electronics and computers. We provide environmentally responsible solutions that ensure 100% digital data destruction. Our nationwide network of certified processing facilities, reinforce our overall sustainable business model, and closed loop approach to responsible electronic recycling.

Our local, all-inclusive process facilities are strategically located near population centers, allowing us to provide customized programs which:

- Minimize freight costs and simplify logistics
- Ensure environmentally responsible handling and disposition of all electronic equipment
- Offer convenience
- Can minimize greenhouse gas emissions
- Provide defined chain of custody and for complete compliance requirements
- Guaranteed and documented digital data destruction
- Financial stability
- Global footprint to solve global problem
- Breadth and depth to handle most complex logistics

More Recycling Info Here.

2. Refurbish systems and parts

Pit Bull Computers (PBC) is a leading provider of quality refurbished computers to low income households, nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and to schools and non-governmental organizations. We have developed a computer refurbishing process that ensures all computers pass a series of refurbishment stages and meet the highest quality control standards. All computers that meet our standards are deemed “PBC Certified”, which is our symbol for quality and reliability.

More Refurbishing Info Here.


I was brought into the recycling business by a friend after I inquired with him about what happens to electronic waste when it breaks down. My friend led me to an article that stated that 70% of all electronics ends back in China as waste. Young children then disassemble this garbage and salvage what they can to sell so that they can eat!

I also know about that 8th continent of garbage in the ocean.(1)
I do not want my future generation living on top of a land fill that has hazardous waste on it. We will do our part in disposing of it properly by dismantling it and selling the equipment to the right recyclers so that none of this waste will end up in landfills.

I do not want to harm our planet, as it is the only one that we have, and it just keeps getting smaller and smaller.

One of our services that allows us to commit to our planets health is rebuilding and refurbishing this used computer equipment , in turn, keeping it out of the landfills so that it can be used productively again. We then install Linux Mint OS, as it is also a sustainable business choice.


- We will only send out computers that have been thoroughly tested and pass our PBC Certification.
- We offer a 90 day warranty with all Desktops, Laptops, Servers, and Monitors.
- Computer Systems will have Linux Mint OS included. (NO OS systems available upon request)
- We give 5% of ALL proceeds to charitable organizations.

Thank You for visiting Pit Bull Computers.

Rodney Arnett


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